General Info. Your best tool is the web. Take into account your child’s mental acuity and ability level when shopping for play structures. One way to include all kids in a playground is through our sensory playground equipment. Commercial playgrounds are usually too large to be sold in an individual location. Compare commercial and residential grade playground equipment. They are also generally larger, which means that they have to pay for other expenses as well, such as surfacing and installation. There are distinct differences between Commercial and Residential Playgrounds. Residential playgrounds have fewer unique designs, because they typically have a limited price and area range. Find a playground equipment dealer with the United States, Canada, and Mexico with our clickable map and dealer listings. All rights reserved. In Home Child Care - Commercial & Residential Residential Compare commercial and residential grade playground equipment. Commercial grade playground equipment for sale in our factory are made up of doors, bridges, slides, tops, ladder, handrails, planks, columns, slides, pipes for climbing and many ropes. Although our roots and expertise are in providing quality commercial playground equipment, we have provided residential playground components to homeowners for many years. Residential Playgrounds Save Big On average, outdoor playground equipment for home and residential areas costs significantly less than commercial products. Please remember that residential playground equipment is strictly for residential use. At-home play sets should be fun, affordable, and easy to assemble. Use to find exactly what you need at an affordable price. Accessories for commercial playground equipment. For this reason it is better when used in residential play areas. Most residential playground equipment is sold to private homes. Every fort playground structure comes with a slide; what else you get is up to you! If you already have commercial playground equipment in use, make sure it all meets CPSC and ASTM safety guidelines. What parent wants their child playing on unsafe equipment? | Affordable, Durable Adaptive Swing Seat for a Handicap Swing, Adult Playgrounds: The Benefits of Fitness Trails |, Advice for Avoiding Conflict on the Playground and in School |, Amazing Antelope -, Playground Equipment Plans - Wood Playgrounds - PlaygroundEquipment, High Quality Metal Playground Equipment Offers Many Benefits, PlaygroundEquipment By, How to Build Budget Backyard Playground for Kids, View the Catalog Online. With proper supervision, it is unlikely that any child would damage it. For example, while commercial-grade horizontal ladder are designed to be theoretically childproof, your own home monkey bars can be situated beside a slide or climber without ultra-specific regulations on distance and orientation. It’s this level of pedigree, providing hundreds of schools each year with new commercial playground equipment in the UK, that allows us to be confident that we can help you reach your ideal playground solution at a price that … Thick Roto Molded Plastic is highly durable. However, commercial equipment usually involves many stakeholders. Little Tikes Commercial specializes in commercial-grade play equipment designed to stand up to tough conditions year after year. On the other hand, residential equipment is much smaller and lighter. However, it will not stay in good shape for long if dozens of kids play on it every day. live stream chat about changes to facebook and youtube, pros and cons of commercial accounts and equipment talk We only work with playground equipment manufacturers who can meet or beat all standards in the playground equipment industry. Even though it is usually hollow, it is incredibly strong and repels water, which makes it a good choice for commercial areas. Wood and cheap plastic won’t last as long as commercially approved products, and while the initial investment may be less, you can anticipate higher maintenance and replacement costs down the road. Contact live support to speak with a CPSI about the best course of action for your playground dream-come-true. Commercial Playground Parts ... To fulfill this mission we hand-select and expertly install the finest quality outdoor residential play structures and recreational sports equipment and ... Browse our site to learn more about our full collection of safe, quality-tested equipment and customize your playground today! Our goal is to create playground environments that bring joy to each and every child, which is why we strive to design new play systems that are accessible and exciting to … Please remember that residential playground equipment is strictly for residential use. It is usually too expensive for residential playgrounds, who don’t need the added fortification anyway. Nylon Rope is a material not frequently used on commercial playgrounds. Galvanized Punched PVC Finished Steel Decks. Commercial Playground Equipment or Residential Playground Equipment. Commercial playgrounds are usually larger, and built to accommodate more kids at once. A very simple reason stems from the fact that the costs between using wood and steel is stark, meaning that the average homeowner generally can’t afford that sort of investment. 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Compare commercial and residential grade playground equipment. Our commercial playground equipment for sale is meant to be used by children outside every day, so we offer the safest and most durable options. Stakeholders: Usually, parents or homeowners decide on which equipment to include in a residential playground. Playground Slides - Commercial Equipment - PlaygroundEquipment, Church Playground Equipment: Good for the Body, Good for the Soul || PlaygroundEquipment, Browse Available Colors of Playground Equipment, Compare Playground Equipment | Commercial vs. Child Bullying: Should it be considered a crime? Made from stronger & more durable materials. Residential Treadmills. This is the same for both commercial and residential playgrounds. PVC finished steel decks are the typical pieces used to create the elevated decks of most commercial playgrounds. However, this does not mean home playground equipment should disregard safety. Residential playgrounds generally opt for cheaper but less durable materials. Commercial playground equipment must undergo strict testing with regards to the equipment and the materials used to build that equipment. Designed to handle large groups of children. Wherever a playground is being installed, it has to follow safety regulations. Residential playgrounds are often made for a single family or neighborhood, where parents supervise their own children. It is tougher than most wood, but still not as strong as most metal and plastic commercial grade products. They are more than strong enough to handle semi-frequent play by a small number of children. They are designed for kids and popular used in the amusement parks, school playground and other outdoor and indoor places. Toll Free 1-800-667-0097 This should serve as just another reason why safety should remain a high priority when selecting playground equipment for home use. Residential vs Commercial Structures Designs are created according to two different ASTM playground standards. When it’s just your own kids using the playground at home, the need to compulsive safety measure isn’t as dire. 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Advice.
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