The National Healthy School Canteen (NHSC) guidelines and resources provide national guidance and training to help canteen managers across Australia to make healthier food and drink choices for school canteens. For kids, it is a chance to independently manage their own food choices for the first time. The NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy is one component of the NSW Government’s Healthy Children Initiative that aims to reduce the number of children above a healthy weight. The NSW Department of Education's committment to supporting the provision of healthy food in public schools is reflected in the department's Nutrition in Schools Policy . Serving nutritious and balanced meals prepared with purpose and high safety standards is of utmost priority in planning, designing and preparing healthy meals and snacks for schools. The National Healthy School Canteens (NHSC) Guidelines and resources have been developed for use in school canteens across Australia, drawing from The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines*. Unit 1, 13 Penny Place, Arndell Park. Healthy Canteen Kit – Food Planner assists schools and canteens to make appropriate healthy food choices. You can also help him choose the healthiest food on the menu. Related Videos. You might like to let your child eat lunch from the school canteen once a week or fortnight, or on special occasions.. These dietary guidelines are outlined in more detail in the Healthy Canteen Kit – Food Planner. Our, healthy food is made fresh in each of our canteens daily. National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines. These guidelines use a traffic light system to categorise foods sold at school canteens into GREEN, AMBER or RED foods according to their nutritional value. 02 9678 9242 School canteens also underpin all the healthy eating education that goes on during class time. There is nothing more important to running a profitable canteen than costing your menu items correctly and then implementing strict portion control. At Healthy Canteens Australia, everything we do is about making your school community proud of their canteen. ... in Australia (National Health and Medical Research Council 2003). Healthy Canteens Australia. They are a lifesaver for busy parents running out the door with multiple drop-offs, a work day to negotiate and no lunchbox food in the house. Using the school canteen. The strategy increases the availability of healthy food and drink options in school canteens to make the healthy choice, the easy choice. And after each and every single day we ask ourselves three questions : Is what we did today up to the level that our school communities […] The NHSC Guidelines are designed to assist canteen managers to make healthy menu choices for the school canteen. Healthy Kids Association is a health promotion charity and member organisation which works closely with schools, canteens, government, health professionals, food companies and families to improve access to nutritious food and educate children and families on how to make healthy choices for a healthy … 0:20. Healthy Canteens Australia is a leading operator of School Canteens in the Sydney Metropolitan Area. School canteens are an integral part of school life. Healthy Canteens Australia currently operate 97 school canteens in Sydney. If your child enjoys an occasional canteen lunch, it’s a good idea to talk with your child about which canteen foods and drinks are healthy and which aren’t. Each day, we serve lunch to more than 30,000 students and teachers. The NSW Healthy School Canteens Strategy applies to all NSW Government schools (primary, secondary and central schools) with a canteen. Brooke’s Canteen is on a mission to improve children’s mindful eating during their whole school experience. All ACT school canteens need to follow the National Healthy School Canteen Gudelines..
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