Partitioning allows Hive to run queries on a specific set of data in the table based on the value of partition column used in the query. Below command to add the partition to the table already created earlier. You can also manually update or drop a Hive partition directly on HDFS using Hadoop commands, if you do so you need to run the MSCK command to synch up HDFS files with Hive Metastore. Type: Bug Status: Closed. Note that there is no impact on the data that resides in the table. Hive> ALTER TABLE std_details ADD PARTITION (std_class=’1’); Once the above statement successfully executed, the partition added to std_db.std_details table. Details. To automatically detect new partition directories added through Hive or HDFS operations: In Impala 2.3 and higher, the RECOVER PARTITIONS clause scans a partitioned table to detect if any new partition directories were added outside of Impala, such as by Hive ALTER TABLE statements or by hdfs dfs or hadoop fs commands. alter table {table_name} partition column ({column_name} {column_type}); According to JIRA the command was implemented, but it's apparent that it was never documented on Hive Wiki. MSCK REPAIR TABLE factory; Now the table is not giving the new partition content of factory3 file. Here we will discuss how we can change table level properties. now I executed the below query to update the metastore for the new partition added. Hive Partitions is a way to organizes tables into partitions by dividing tables into different parts based on partition keys. ALTER Statement on HIVE Table. rename hive table ALTER TABLE tbl_nm RENAME TO new_tbl_nm; In the above statement the table name was changed from tbl_nm to new_tbl_nm. Add PARTITION after creating TABLE in hive. Log In. whereas, if I run the alter command then it is showing the new partition data. ADD PARTITION. Can I know where I am doing mistake while adding partition for table factory? Similarly, multiple partitions for each class can be set by using ADD PARTITION. ALTER TABLE ADD statement adds partition to the partitioned table. ... None. Without partitioning, any query on the table in Hive will read the entire data in the table. Hive ALTER TABLE command is used to update or drop a partition from a Hive Metastore and HDFS location (managed table). hadoop,hive,partition. Export. XML Word Printable JSON. Partition keys are basic elements for determining how the data is stored in the table. I used it on my Hive 0.14 system and it worked as expected. Syntax. Lets check it with an example. Hive - Alter Table - This chapter explains how to alter the attributes of a table such as changing its table name, changing column names, adding columns, and deleting or replacing c Description. When I tried using the following hive command it gives me error. HIVE-9430; NullPointerException on ALTER TABLE ADD PARTITION if no value given. Is there a way to alter the table Solved: I am using hdp 2.4.2 (hive - The RECOVER PARTITIONS clause automatically recognizes any data … ALTER TABLE table_identifier ADD [IF NOT EXISTS] (partition_spec [partition_spec ... ALTER TABLE SET command is used for setting the SERDE or SERDE properties in Hive tables. If we have a large table then queries may take long time to execute on the whole table. Partition is helpful when the table has one or more Partition keys. First create a table in such a way so that you don't have partition column in the table. Hive partitions the table, such as by date, city, etc., which can improve the query speed. Dropping a partition:
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